Today is my anniversary. I should say “our” but after eleven years of marriage, I have convinced my husband that is not my ego-centricity that makes me say “my anniversary”, “my house” and “my money” but the fact that I took the whole “two become one” concept so much to heart that I have used only first person pronouns since our wedding day.

At lunch with a colleague today, when it came time to order, I ordered the fried clams and French fry basket and thought screw the grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables I had intended on getting.  It’s my anniversary. I deserve it since it’s a holiday even if my husband and me are the only ones celebrating. Since our joint celebration will conclude with a nice dinner I’m going to deserve a big fat slice of something sweet, you know, since it’s my anniversary. At which point, my husband will think he deserves a little dessert of his own, too, if you catch my drift. Come to think of it, I have found myself deserving of too many things lately.

I work hard to limit carbs and maintain a healthy eating style, not diet. Dieting is for the birds, birds like big buzzards picking a carcass. I don’t diet. I eat. I eat a cupcake every now and then, a slice of my Moma’s coconut pie once in a blue moon and a greasy natsy slice of Sir Pizza’s Farmer’s Almanac when I want to be a bad, bad, girl but I also eat swiss chard, kale or some dark leafy green, like every day, a lean organic protein, like with every meal, and colorful produce from our local farmer’s market like ALL. THE. TIME.

However, this week, I have been deserving of too many things outside the scope of my usual eating plan, a big fat burger with the bun (you low carbers will know how divine that was!!) from Old South Burgers since I’m an accountant and it was the day extended taxes were due, caramelized onion mashed potatoes from Stoney River because it was the end of the day extended tax returns were due, and an Oreo blast with extra Oreos and extra whip cream ( those sweet skinny car hops don’t know the proper amount to put in an Oreo blast unless you order extra) because people procrastinate and put off filing their taxes until the day extended returns are due just to name a few indulgences.

What I really deserve is to be healthy, have my clothes fit right and not feel like I drank a bottle of Florence Henderson’s finest.  For all of you who didn’t grow up in the ’80s watching her fry golden brown crunchy chicken during commercials on Primetime TV, I’m referring to Wesson Oil.  I deserved those fried clams and fries for lunch today about as much as I deserve this lead feeling I currently feel in my gut!  It’s time to tighten the belt back up on the eating plan before the belt tightens up on me, literally.

Seriously, though, I do deserve a pedicure and maybe those Louboutins, right? After all, it is my anniversary.

Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.