camo-american-flag-XSmallI’ve tried to stay out of this. I’ve tried to bite my tongue. I’ve tried to mind my own business. Three things, this Southern woman is rarely successful in doing and I’m afraid if I keep my mouth shut my head will blow straight off!

Last night after a long day of meetings followed by an even longer evening of Christmas shopping that would make speed skaters look like they were moving in slow motion, I finally collapsed into bed. My body had just made the perfect arc with my pillows and duvet when I made a colossal mistake. I pulled out my cell phone scrolling through Facebook to see what cocktail parties my friends got invited to that I didn’t, to see whose kid sang what in the school play, to see what elaborate displays these over the top elf on a shelf parents had come up with, you know the ones who have had that Christmas version of a Chucky doll swinging from the Christmas tree since Thanksgiving. Just enjoy the spirit of the season via Facebook. Instead of seeing all the usual stuff, all I saw was PHIL ROBERTSON. Sign this petition, boycott that, A&E this, Duck Dynasty that. Lord have mercy!!

I don’t know Phil Robertson. I don’t know all that much about Duck Dynasty. All I know is that with the way Uncle Phil guzzles sweet tea, he’s got one heck of a chance at ending up with sugar diabetes. That, and, he has every right to say whatever it is he wants to say. If he wants to say homosexuality is a sin, go for it. If he wants to say that people who don’t drink sweet tea are infidels, have at it. It’s his right last time I checked our Constitution.

We forget this is America. We have the right to free speech, doesn’t matter who it offends. We have the right to our opinions, right or wrong. We have the right to be who we want to be, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Alabama fan or even, heaven help them, a Florida Gators fan. This is still the United States of America, where the right to this freedom was paid for by the dying breathes breathed at Yorktown, Shiloh, Normandy and battlefields across the globe.

Don’t cancel Phil Robertson from A&E. Let the public make that decision. We are not only the land of the free and the home of the brave but also the land of a free marketplace. That means if I am offended by what Phil Robertson says, I stop watching Duck Dynasty. If enough people are offended and don’t watch, ratings go down. When ratings go down, A&E cancels the show. Not because Phil Robertson thinks homosexuality is a sin but because there is no market for the show. The public has spoken.

So, where do I stand on this issue? This is not going to be popular but in my belief, homosexuality is a sin. I’m not the person to get into a theological debate with because frankly, I’m a tax accountant and have trouble understanding the US Tax Code which is a heck of a lot less ambiguous than the Bible. I just think it is a sin. I’m not the condemning type. I’ve sinned way too much and needed forgiveness way too often to get into all that. However, pointing out a sin and condemnation are two different things.

Some of my best friends are gay. I love them in spite of their sin. They love me in spite of mine. Christ loves us ALL in spite of ours. Do my friends know where I stand? Yes, I’m not the sugar-coating type. Unless, it’s a powdered sugar donut. It’s a sin for that not to be sugar coated.

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.