Last week, I was getting my hair “blown out”, one of the latest crazes in self-indulgent pampering. All across the country, these blowout bars are popping up and thankfully there is one near me. You walk in and a super trendy chick washes and styles your hair. You leave looking like a million bucks with $35 less in your pocket. I am semi-addicted.

My hair is really long so it is so nice to have someone wash and dry it. By the time I scrub shampoo through my locks, blow dry and then try to curl all my long layers, my arms are numb and I need a nap instead of date night with my man or a night out with the girls.

On my most recent visit to the Blowout Company, I sat in the swivel chair while Hilary effortlessly blow dried my hair. The client at the station next to me was throwing the gosh darndest fit I have seen thrown since my three-year old niece took her five-year old sister’s American girl magazine. Now keep in mind, the entire time this fit is being thrown, my hair is being dried which had rendered me virtually deaf from the blow dryer blowing in my ears so if I realized she was throwing a fit, she was throwing one heck of a fit. I cocked my head to the side and strained to hear the onslaught of hateful comments culminating with the lady wadding her hair up in a ponytail, slinging $20 down on the counter and storming out huffing and puffing. Throughout this obnoxious woman’s diatribe the sweet little hairstylist Kelsey was trying to rectify the situation by asking if she could change whatever it was the lady didn’t like.

What didn’t the lady like? She fired off that her hair was too poofy. I gasped in horror at those words. Any God-fearing Southern woman worth her weight had never uttered those words. She must be a Yankee. I found it unfathomable that hair could be too poofy. The higher the hair, the closer to God, my Pentecostal Moma always joked. Was the Miss Georgia World Suzanne Sugarbaker’s hair too high? Did Governor Ann Richards from the great state of Texas wear her hair flat as a flitter while in office? Did Scarlett O’Hara let her hair fall just because Sherman was burning Atlanta? Absolutely not!

Poor little Kelsey. There was nothing she could do to please this lady, using the term lady rather loosely here. I tried to soothe the wounded ego of this sweet hairstylist, one who’d done my hair on numerous occasions always to my satisfaction. To these twenty somethings, I was a wise old woman full of sage advice provided by the twists and turns of my thirty-five years on this planet. I tried to tell the girls that this woman might have a controlling husband who doesn’t listen to a word she says or maybe a smart mouth kid who she had to beat to get out of bed for school that morning. Whatever made her go off, it sure wasn’t the hair. The poofy hair just gave her a means of venting her frustration over whatever the real reason happened to be.

I had been guilty of that. Maybe not going off on some helpless stylist fixing my hair but I had done it. When I asked Brian what he wanted for dinner and he didn’t care, I had pouted and whined because he had no opinion. I was in actuality mad because he didn’t insist we eat deep-fried egg rolls and General Tso’s chicken from Chinatown or white pizza and cannolis from New York Pie. I could blame it on him instead of me, giving me a free pass, almost like it would be fat and calorie free. I had copped an attitude with a skinny blonde sales clerk for not having a size bigger than an eight in a certain shirt not because I had to have it but because she could fit in any of them and there was no way I could squeeze one arm in an eight.

Just like the crazy fit throwing poofy haired lady, I’m going to get frustrated, irritated, and upset. However, I’m going to make an effort to know what it is at the root of the problem whether it’s a stressful day at the office, a cupcake craving I can’t shake or a spat with my husband.

One thing I can guarantee. It won’t be because my hair is too poofy. Have you ever heard of anything so silly in your life?

John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.