Folks, the wedding went off without a hitch. I squeezed myself into my wedding ensemble and while it was touch and go for a moment on the dance floor during the Wobble Wobble, nothing split, ripped or busted open. Thank you, Jesus! I didn’t reach my goal weight by the big day and given my wedding cake consumption I may be farther behind than I was when the week started.

While at this weekend wedding, several people inquired how I had lost so much weight. I gave them my standard reply, “Low carb, high protein and lots of exercise.” But that wasn’t true. Well, not entirely.

I recently posted a side by side before and after weight loss photo on Facebook. Want to get some Facebook love? Post anything about losing weight. Whether it’s losing two pounds or two hundred, dropping one dress size or six, walking one mile or running a marathon, people go nuts. And, rightly, they should. The Facebook encouragement I have received every time I’ve posted a status parlaying a little victory now and then has kept me fighting the good fight. This most recent side by side photo was met with all sorts of positive reinforcement and friends reminding me I have always been beautiful no matter what size.

Without sounding vain, they were right. I had always had dark silky hair with very few bad hair days. Except for the early 90’s, White Rain spiral perms sprayed to the ceiling looked bad on all of us! I was no exception. I had always had dark green eyes with golden brown star bursts that sparkled in the light. More than one boy in school had told me that, maybe not in those words, but I knew my eyes were pretty and they didn’t change no matter what I weighed. I had well-defined calf muscles. My calves might have been too big to zip a pair of equestrian boots around but all the years of walking around in high heels had given me some pretty nice shaped calves no matter how big they were. I had small, delicate feminine hands that made ladylike gestures when I talked. Of course, I found the irony in having small hands. God didn’t see fit to bless me with flat abs, narrow hips, or shapely thighs but he gave me small hands. Wonderful. I didn’t have to shop in the plus size glove department. Way to even things out, Jesus. I always felt like nice hair and a well endowed chest was God’s way of leveling the playing field between full-figured girls and their skinny counterparts. Thank goodness, God blessed me with both….until I lost weight. Now the second gift to the full-figured no longer applies.

That brings me to the half truth in how I’ve lost so much weight. Yes, I do eat low carb high protein for the most part and exercise several times a week but that’s not it. I’m going to be completely honest. Two years ago, I could not have said all those things about my hair, my eyes, or my calves. I didn’t like what I looked like and I wasn’t happy with who I was. I decided it was time to see a therapist.

I chose a counselor that specialized in behavioral modification and eating disorders. I wasn’t sure if I had an eating disorder but at 100 pounds overweight, I figured there was a pretty good chance I might. I assumed she would be a pseudo-nutritionist and we’d talk about food for the hour I was there. What we did was talk about the pressures I felt at work, what my marriage was like, my relationships with family and friends, character flaws I wanted to change, learning it was ok to say no and set boundaries. Then, we talked about food.

We started simple. At first, all I worried about was eating after supper. I placed an X on the calendar for every time I was successful. Then, I focused on not eating when I wasn’t hungry. Same thing, X on the calendar to mark my success. Over time, we developed a style of eating designed to fit my lifestyle much like the training of Pavlov’s dog. Together, we figured out what worked for me.

So, the cat’s out of the bag. Low carb, high protein, a bunch of exercise and a little bit of therapy. Shocked? Probably not. If you didn’t already think I was a little crazy, you haven’t read much of this blog.

Proverbs 1:5 A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.image