We had a guest preacher at Church this Sunday. To me, guest speakers on Sunday are like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. In my opinion, we typically get the weird fake strawberry piece or the nougat one that pulls fillings out of your molars. On those Sunday’s, I generally busy myself making out the grocery list, nonchalantly scrolling through Facebook and quietly perusing old receipts in my purse, even doodling on some of them if the preacher is that boring. As this Sunday’s guest began to speak, I began to make my grocery list and scroll through the calendar on my iPhone planning for the week ahead. After a few moments, I stopped. A voice boomed from this portly middle-aged gentleman that demanded you pay attention. The type of voice that could stop a mischievous kid with a simple “NO”. The type of voice that you knew had blessed countless newborn babies, joined many in holy matrimony and prayed with others as they took their dying breath. The type of voice you don’t question.

In that commanding voice, he said this “In my imagination, I go into the future. When I take that trip into tomorrow, I go there alone. I go with no strength, I go with no grace, I go with no God because it’s a trip that I was never meant to make. The strength, the mercy, the grace that I have been promised is for today.”

At first, I wasn’t even sure what that meant. Weren’t we suppose to have imaginations? As a girl, my imagination had come in handy playing Barbies with my sisters. I made up the storylines, they played along and my Barbie was always the one that saved the day. As a teenager, my imagination (or lying spirit, as my Moma called it) saved my hide on numerous occasions. In business, it had allowed me to think outside the box and come up with innovated ways to interact with clients. I wasn’t sold on his theory, at first.

As he continued, I realized he was talking about how God had given us strength for the day and we shouldn’t obsess over the future. I don’t have to worry about tomorrow, calculating how many pounds I’ll be down by Christmas if I follow Atkins as strictly as possible only to be disappointed when the scale doesn’t match. I don’t have to beat myself up over the corn dog and tater tots I ate the day before at the dairy dip on my way home to cook supper. God had granted me strength for today to overcome that daily internal tug of war that went on in my brain over what to put in my mouth.

While I do have to preplan my meals and schedule time for exercise, I don’t have to worry about whether this truly is a lifestyle change, whether I can keep up exercising 5-6 days a week, whether I’ll lose the remaining 40 pounds or gain them all back plus some. I just have to concern myself with today. Today, God gave me victory over the jar of Nutella in the break room, the jar my assistant keeps stashed on the top shelf over the microwave, the one I can’t reach without a step stool. Today, God gave me victory over being lazy and I didn’t send the text I typed to my trainer to cancel our session. I showed up and had sweat dripping from my eyebrows onto the floor, something that while not lady like at all makes a trainer’s day. Today, I got this. Today, Me and Jesus have it under control.

Deuteronomy 33:25 And as thy days, so shall thy strength be.